Corporate Education


Orange Language Centre offers English-language education with native-speaker and Russian teachers. Our education system uses the latest imported study aids, including a wide range of audio and visual materials. We can offer courses structured for groups or individual students.

We offer courses in General and Business English, as well as specialized courses designed to encompass the specific requirements of your profession.

General and Business English

Courses are taught by level. One level lasts 96 academic hours.

Groups are formed according to tests that you can take with the help of our colleagues in your office.

We recommend that courses are timetabled to cover 6 to 9 classroom hours per week.

Courses can be taught by Russian teachers, native-speaker teachers, or a combination of Russian and native-speaker teachers at your request.

We recommend that there are no more than 10 students per group.

The time of lessons, and the location – whether in your company’s office or at the Orange Language Center, Nevsky Prospekt, 140 – can be agreed at your convenience.

Specialized Courses

If you require, our methodologists can structure a course specifically oriented to the needs and activities of your company. We can recommend an optimal timetable of lessons, and find a suitable teacher.


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