Intensive Courses


intensive course Orange Language Centre The English Language is a subject that we have all studied at some point in time. Maybe you have not used it in recent years or months, or maybe you feel that you have forgotten everything that you once learnt. However, we can assure you this is not the case! The knowledge you have is still with you, and only requires gentle encouragement to re-emerge.

Our intensive study programme has been specially designed to help bring to the fore everything you once knew about the English language. The course length has been compressed but comprises all the qualities of our standard programme. By enrolling on to one of our intensive courses, you will rapidly develop your conversational and inter-personal skills. Each course lasts 3-4 weeks and requires a student to be able to commit to 16-20 academic hours a week.

The aim of the intensive course is not only to effectively elicit formally acquired knowledge, but is also a means for the student to develop, and reach a higher level of language.

Throughout the course, students will be completely immersed in the English language. They will participate in role play games, act out real-life scenarios and focus on language training with native speakers. All of this combined, will help strengthen an individual’s confidence and develop their fluidity of speech.

Results will be apparent after only a few lessons: You will feel the confidence, ability and a desire to speak in English.

Lesson Schedule: 4-5 days a week (Mon - Fri)

Time of Lessons: 10:00 - 13:15

16:00 - 18:20

18:45 - 22:00


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