Our Methodology

At the Orange Language Center, we use the communicative approach to English Language Teaching in order to develop students’ fundamental linguistic skills: speaking, writing, grammar, reading and listening.

We teach language as a means of communication.

At early levels, our students cover the basic elements of the English language with qualified Russian teachers. At higher levels, students continue their education with native speakers of English.

With native-speaker teachers, students are plunged straight into an authentic linguistic environment, and given the opportunity to engage actively with the English language in realistic situations.  At the same time, our teachers help students to break down the internal psychological barriers to speaking a foreign language, and give them the confidence to overcome initial impressions of hostility in a foreign language environment. Our teachers will show you the workings of contemporary English, how the living language develops and adapts.

On courses at Orange Language Center, students work with the help of modern textbooks from the following publishers: Longman, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Express Publishing, Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Our teachers also use a wide range of audio and video materials, and numerous supplementary resources.  

Students are taught in small groups of up to ten people.



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